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The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You to Read - Free Ebook

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The Book Your Church Doesnt Want You to Read

There seem to be three subjects which are among the most important things in life ... politics, sex and religion. However, along the way, some wise sage coached the general population that these three subjects should never be discussed. I suggest to you that those sages - the politician and those who wanted to put someone (generally a spouse or sexual partner) in some kind of sexual bondage, and the religious leader - were the very ones who would profit most from a lack of discussion on any of those subjects.

I do not want to address the subject of politics or sex here, but rather what is commonly referred to as religion. I grew up in central Texas in one of the most fundamentalist Christian regions in America. One positive thing it provided was a respect for forces greater than man, a respect for history, and certainly a respect for some very basic concepts of interpersonal behavior. But it did little more, other than to demonstrate vividly that there is no connection between the evolution of the spirit of man and his adherence to ritual, ceremony and rote memory as dictated by some religious organization's edict.

The relationship between you, your spirit and the Creator of the Universe is a deeply personal matter. There can be no middle-man in this relationship. Not your parents, not your minister, not a bishop, nor any other self-appointed representative of God, such as the Pope and his phalanx of underlings. How absurd to think that another human being could be the representative of the Creator of the Universe, for us humans living on this planet!

Let us look at some vital facts:
Because of religion, more human beings have been murdered, tortured, maimed, denigrated, discriminated against, humiliated, hated and scorned than for any other reason in the totality of the history of man.

Today the only wars under way are religious wars. Arabs are killing Jews and vice versa. Ethnically religious groups are killing ethnically religious groups in the aftermath of the demise of the Soviet Union. Arabs of one religion are killing Arabs of another. Catholics and Protestants are killing each other in Ireland and the British Isles. There is an endless list of clashes in Africa and the emerging nations of Southeast Asia.

Religion, more than politics and economics, kills and cripples humankind. There has never in all known history been a genocide of any kind which was not fueled by religion. Every religious or-ganization on Earth is designed to gain economic and political power for those in the religion. Look at it closely and you will see for yourself.

I look at my family and friends in those fundamentalist religious organizations in central Texas. They are bound by ideas which are not true. They believe in myths as if they were fact. They grow old early in life. The wonderful personal resources available to them are stifled and lost. Their lives become boring and non-productive un- less they free themselves from the concepts imposed upon them by their religions.

In this book, you will find that the story of Jesus and the "crucifiction" has been played out sixteen times over the last ten thousand years. You are also going to find ideas about religion that the Pope and other religious leaders don't want you to read or understand. Because if you do read and understand, you will no longer be a part of their group. What this means is that you will no longer provide them with funds, and you will no longer be a number which will give them political clout.

There are three major changes under way now in the affairs of all mankind. First is politics. We have seen the demise of Communism, and other such non-humane political concepts will fall as well. We are beginning to see the end of a long-established economic tyranny, which for centuries has gripped the affairs of nations, including ours. To these we add religion, the most crippling detriment of them all to the evolution of humankind. All of these changes are coming as we enter the "new age", now upon us. This work addresses itself most admirably to this vital effort.-Bill Jenkins, former ABC talk show host.
Culled from the book.
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