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55 Powerful Positive Affirmations For Kids

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What more proves do we need to know that our society is dominated by negative elements by default?

As parents, we could try hard to filter the level of negativity that our kids absorb but this method is not quite effective because we can't completely determine what our kids take in... The best we can do is to constantly load them up with positive words and thoughts. And that is where affirmations come in handy.

Affirmation does not only affect our subconscious mind, it also help us to develop confidence, great self-esteem and amazing personality traits. Through affirmations we can subdue negativity and cruelty in our homes to the barest minimum.

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Powerful and positive affirmations for kids

Optimism is one major trait of champions, it is an attitude developed over time through positive self-talks and encouragement from others. We are mostly influenced by what we constantly hear especially what we say to ourselves. Hence, the importance of controlling what we feed our minds with can not be overemphasized.

We've compiled a collection of some powerful and positive affirmations to encourage and help you attract the best from the universe, you can write them on cards or on board and place it where your kids will always see them.

1. I love myself
2. I am intelligent
3. I am respectful
4. I am responsible
5. I make great decisions
6. I have a creative mind
7. I am loved by God, family and friends
8. I am a problem solver
9. I always at the right place at the right time
10. My future is bright
11. I am blessed with friends of destiny
12. I succeed everyday
13. I have amazing and brilliant ideas everyday
14. I am a compassionate giver
15. I am thankful
16. I am always productive and resourceful
17. I accomplish great results
18. I get better and better everyday
19. I have happy thoughts
20. I believe in myself
21. I can become whatever I could think of.
22. I can control my emotions
23. I am thoughtful, caring and kind
24. Miracles happen to me everyday
25. I always forgive myself and others
26. I am a blessing to my family and friends
27. I do good to everyone
28. I am a champion everyday
29. I listen to my inner voice always
30. I have a sound mind
31. My decisions are great
32. My judgement is fair and balanced
33. I am gorgeous and fabulous
34. I confront and overcome my fears everyday
35. I am a good person
36. I have a good influence on my friends
37. I am an achiever
38. I am calm and peaceful
39. I attract help and riches everyday
40. I am responsible for whatever I become
41. I take responsibility for my decisions
42. I have realistic and achievable goals
43. I am in charge of my life
44. I am trust worthy and faithful
45. I attract only good friends
46. I am highly favoured
47. I am open to new and exciting possibilities
48. I am always fun to be with
49. I am hardworking
50. I am vibrant and full of energy
51. I am unique and spectacular
52. I am always punctual
53. I am polite and courteous
54. I am always grateful for my family and friends
55. My thoughts are positive and constructive

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