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Top 30 Wesley Duewel Quotes On Living A Meaningful Life

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While compiling these Wesley Duewel quotes, I  checked my dictionary for the literal meaning of "meaningful" and it says: having meaning, significance.

To live a meaningful life, one must strive daily - to be significant and relevant to his world; his or her life must have meaning; and must live a purposeful live.

Considering the impacts Wesley Duewel made on earth before he passed away, one can confidently say he lived a fulfilled life. He is a figure worth emulating if living a meaningful life is important to you.

I believe the following Wesley Duewel Quotes will serve as a window into his heart, giving you access to his philosophies, beliefs and secrets for living.

Wesley Duewel Quotes:

1. "No matter how wonderful your understanding of God is, you have never begun even to realize how good God is. Nor do you fully realize how personally He loves you." ~ Wesley Duewel 

2. "How you live today to some extent sets limits on all God will gladly give you in regard." ~ Wesley Duewel 

3. " No human being can match the complexity and precision of God's Mathematics." ~ Wesley Duewel 

4. "Your daily choices have eternal consequences, and God does not choose for you. You yourself must choose wisely." ~ Wesley Duewel 

5. "Without vision you are in danger of drifting with the current. Without vision you will not rouse your latent abilities into sanctified service for God and others. Without vision your life will not impact your world, you will never become the person God created you to be and saved you to be." ~ Wesley Duewel 

6. "If a vision really grips you, will never be the same. If your eyes catch a glimpse of the vision God has of what you could be a year from now, you will see a new meaning in your life." ~ Wesley Duewel 

7. "God is measuring our lives, not by the measures and standards of our culture and age." ~ Wesley Duewel 

8. "The deeper your humility, all things being equal, the more God can use you." ~ Wesley Duewel

9. "Mighty prevailing prayer makes you a co-worker with God. It adds an eternal significance to your life." ~ Wesley Duewel 

10. "It is vision that galvanized your potential into action, seizes you where you are, and propels you into a life of blessing and significance to God." ~ Wesley Duewel 

11. "Do not measure your life by how busy you are, but rather by how much you are guided in what to do. It is not action, but guided action which brings results. Do not measure your life by how much you talk, but by how guided you are in what you say. Do not even measure your life merely by how much you talk to God, but take into account how much he says to you." ~ Wesley Duewel 

12. "Almost always your actions express only a part of your motive, desire, or inner nature." ~ Wesley Duewel 

13. "Once we are conceived in our mother's womb, we will never cease to exist. Death does not end existence." ~ Wesley Duewel 

14. "What you are is constantly revealed by what you say." ~ Wesley Duewel 

15. "If your love does not include many nations, if your prayer does not reach out across the earth each day, you are an unfaithful prayer partner with Jesus." ~ Wesley Duewel 

16. "It is vision that awakens your sleeping powers, vision that transforms startling facts into a challenge." ~ Wesley Duewel 

17. "Your life is God's gift to you. No matter how difficult your circumstances, your life has far more potential than you have ever realized." ~ Wesley Duewel 

18. "God will never be in debt to anyone. He will reward above and beyond what we could ever expect or deserve." ~ Wesley Duewel

19. "Human beings were created to be able to plan. Scientists have only begun to understand the amazing capacity of the human mind. But our minds realize only a fraction of their potential." ~ Wesley Duewel

20. "You lend a helping hand more quickly through prayer than in any other way." ~ Wesley Duewel 

21. "Love for people does not guarantee love for God; but love for God brings love for people." ~ Wesley Duewel

22. "God is greater than any need, any circumstance; greater than any combination of forces or any combination of circumstances." ~ Wesley Duewel 

23. "God's vision for you is designed for no one else but you." ~ Wesley Duewel 

24. "Don't look at what you are today. Get a vision of the person God wants you to be tomorrow." ~ Wesley Duewel 

25. "Our heavenly Father is never surprised. He is never without resources. He never experiences difficulty. God is never ultimately defeated." ~ Wesley Duewel 

26. "God sees the problems that you face. He knows your present situation more fully and in greater detail than you do. He also knows what you do not know - He knows your future. He knows what can be your tomorrow. ~ Wesley Duewel 

27. "Don't sigh that you are hemmed in by circumstances that prevent you from ever being much different from what you are today. Catch the vision that God has for you." ~ Wesley Duewel 

28. "If God is for you, resources are available that far exceed your needs, your problems, and your opponents." ~ Wesley Duewel 

29. "The visible may fill your horizon with duties, limitations, and problems. God wants to lift your horizon and show you new vistas of what He can do." ~ Wesley Duewel 

30. "We are no better than our obedience." ~ Wesley Duewel 

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