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Never Give Up Poem By Rudy Hossam

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"The stark reality of the visible before you may strike fear into your heart. But there is a greater reality - God... God wants to lift your horizon and show you new vistas of what He can do." ~ Wesley Duewel

Does it feel like you are hemmed in by your current circumstances? Does your present condition seem like hell and the temptation to give up is so strong? Does it feel like you may never rise above your current state?

Although, some people are already fettered by adversaries... I may not know how bad your situation is but I am certain that you are not defeated yet. I also know that God sees and knows the details of your present setbacks and He is totally committed to pulling you out even if it means using all His sovereign power.

While I suggest you pray and trust God for speedy intervention, you may also need some inspiration to remain steadfast until your story finally changes. Combine this collection of never give up quotes with the never give up poem by Rudy Hossam to boost your hope and faith in God.

Never Give Up Poem

Sometimes life is against you
You see it turning......
From dark to darker
Wishing it's just a nightmare
And soon you'll wake up......
Wishing it's just the night
And soon there will be light......

But you realize you were wrong
It's all very true
It's neither a nightmare nor the night
It's just things are no longer right......

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In a corner you sit......
Crying blood instead of tears
Waiting sadly alone
In that little seat of yours
Thinking that that would change the world......

Unfortunately that's not true
The world just won't change for you
The world isn't yours....And isn't free for you

If you want it......Go for it
Stand up and think quick
Try to change suit you
Try to fix it.......and make it yours

If you fail......Try once more
Never give up......Never lose hope
And remember it's your goal......
Things don't change from the first shot
And light was invented
After a thousand try or more

Rudy Hossam
Source:Poem Hunter

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