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Why Is It Almost Impossible For Most People To Rise Above TemporaryDefeats?

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Why is it almost impossible for most people to rise above temporary defeats in spite of the numerous sources of inspiration around them?

People need inspiration for different reasons and they look toward different directions to get inspired. Among so many sources of inspiration, lessons from other people’s experiences in form of quotes, stories and essays are the most popular.

Inspirational quotes, stories and essays reveal the beauty and awesome endowment within us but we only become inspired through conviction (a firm believe in the latent power within). Inspirational materials help us to see how magnificent and limitless we truly are.

To survive trying times, live up to your full potential, drop bad and dishonouring habits, and become truly successful in life - you need the kind of inspiration that comes from within. You can only draw inspiration from within if it’s there.

There is no form of adversity or setback that will last forever. Your current condition is not permanent; if you want to rise above it as fast as possible, you need to experience a paradigm shift in your thinking pattern.

A good understanding of the law of cause and effect is required for a change of mindset and lasting transformation. And the law of cause and effect states that – for every cause there is an equal reaction or consequence. You reap what you sow.

Nothing happens by chance, our current conditions are effects of the culmination of our words, thoughts and actions of yesterday. And to rise above our current status, we need to reprogram our minds, constantly load ourselves with uplifting and self-confidence boosting thoughts and words.

Another way to inspire yourself from within is to engage in meditation and deep thinking about your abilities as frequent as possible. Always affirm to yourself that your current circumstances are temporary.

You have what it takes to rise above temporary defeats!

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