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The Black Boy And Balloon Story

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There's a story about a black kid and a balloon seller. This story has been told differently by several people but the lessons are the same.

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I believe you must have heard this story because it is an old one. It's often told to inspire people to free themselves from self - limitations.

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I'm sharing this story to inspire you to dispel those self limiting thoughts you've become used to.

The Black Boy And Balloon Story:

Once upon a time, there was a balloon seller at a public playing ground for children. Kids in that neighbourhood enjoy coming there after school hours to play.

This balloon seller had a strategy for attracting kids to his corner: he would fill several colours of ballon with helium and release them into the air and as children sight them, they roll over to his table to buy his balloon.

One day, a little black boy walked down to this balloon seller and said sir, I have observed you release different colours of balloon filled with helium except a black colour. If you release a black balloon into the air, will it fly too?

Then the balloon seller inflated a black balloon, released it into the air and said with empathy: son, it's not the colours but what is inside the balloons that made them to fly.

History has proven to us that skin colour, lack of education and family background cannot hold a man back from attaining enviable heights.

Everyone has the potential to do exploits in life but most people have built a strong wall of limitations around themselves through their thinking pattern.

We have within us all it takes to shine in our chosen fields but our shining in life is absolutely dependent on our choices.

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