26 Affirmations To Kick Your Creativity And Productivity Into A High Gear

An affirmation is a phrase or sentence that you repeat regularly until it materializes. It is a personal statement of declaration you send to your subconscious mind.

When you 'affirm something', you are simply declaring that it belongs to you.  And when you affirm anything repeatedly, your  creative power will be awakened and your higher self will be compelled to help you get the thing.

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The importance of positive affirmations in our daily lives cannot be overemphasized. The thing is, whether you know it or not, you use affirmations daily - either as internal dialogue or thoughts. Unfortunately, people do more of negative affirmations... I guess that explains why we have too many disorders in our society today. 😭
Your daily affirmations either uplift or limit you!
With positive affirmations repeated daily, we can significantly improve our lives, and attract resources and people that will accelerate our growth in life.

I have made some fancy wall paper with  powerful affirmations for you to use daily. I humbly request that you help me share this post with your friends and colleagues. I would also love to hear your thoughts on these affirmations. 

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Today, I will apply my brainpower than ever before
Today, I am keeping up with the change and moving forward

I am happier and more productive today than I ever was

Today, I refuse to be complacent – instead I live on the edge

Today, I am not afraid to strive for a grand slam
I am open to new ideas and information today

I am starting today with a clean slate
Today, I am making a winning choice
Today, I am connected to an angel who will rekindle the flame within me
I am taking the high road to success today
Today, my mind is well engaged with wonderful thoughts and impulses
Today, I am breaking new grounds at work
Today, I will stick to my own convictions no matter what my critics say or do
Today, my thoughts are fruitful than ever
Today, my mind is working in new dimensions
Today, my brain and senses are open to new stimuli
I am going to have significant influence in my industry today
The future belongs to me because I have beautiful dreams and I believe in them
Today, I am attracted to influential people that will bring me a step closer to my breakthrough
I have a gift more valuable than money – the ability to comeback through the power of positive thinking
I refuse to sell myself short today
Today, I play no games with myself – I am the real deal
I have power over my own thoughts

I am a champion because I think, talk and act like one

I have confidence that I will do my best at work today
Today, my higher self will lead me into something great