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21 Amazing Andrew Wommack Quotes On Finances And Tithe

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Andrew Wommack is an American conservative Evangelical Christian TV evangelist, a Charismatic Word of Faith teacher and faith healer, as well as the founder of Andrew Wommack Ministries in 1978 and Charis Bible College in 1994.

There are too many opinions on finance and tithe, most of which are contradictory to the scriptures.

And with the disturbing rise in scams in the body of Christ, people are becoming skeptical about tithing and kingdom investment.

There are so much questions on people's mind concerning finance and tithing. Questions like: is tithing compulsory, must I pay my tithe to a church, will God be angry with me - if I don't pay tithe - are at the top of the list of questions on finance and tithe.

I must say Andrew Wommack has done well by sharing his opinion on these matters and I have compiled them for you to read and bookmark. I hope you learn something new and reduce your probability of being a victim of swindlers (claiming to be God's servant).

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1. "In reality money only as value because people agree to view it as valuable." ~ Andrew Wommack

2. "Many in the body of Christ are so uninformed in the area of finances that people fall for manipulation tactics all the time." ~ Andrew Wommack

3. "Finances are important, and you'll be amazed how letting God into your finances can bring peace and healing to other areas of your life - because how you view money affects a lot more than just your bank balance." ~ Andrew Wommack

4. "Money is meant to be your servant, not a master that rules over you." ~ Andrew Wommack

5. "The very first thing we need to understand about finances is that we are stewards of what God as given us." ~ Andrew Wommack

6. "Many people are praying and asking God to bless them financially yet they are afraid to follow His instructions about tithing." ~ Andrew Wommack

7. "Using your faith for finances is the least use of faith, and if you haven't done that which is least, then you won't be able to do greater things" ~ Andrew Wommack

8. "Some people have plenty of money coming, but they are living so close to the limit that it only takes a slight economic downturn to send them into financial disaster," ~ Andrew Wommack

9. "One of the reasons we don't see greater prosperity in our lives is that we haven't learned the lesson of being a steward" ~ Andrew Wommack

10. "We don't tithe to please God; we do it out of a sense of appreciation for all that God has done for us" ~ Andrew Wommack

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11. "God loves you if you eat all of your seed, but don't be surprised when the money runs out and you're crying out to God about not meeting your needs." ~ Andrew Wommack

12. " When you think money comes by your own sweat and tears, then you keep a much tighter hold on it. You become attached to your money, and it actually becomes your master." ~ Andrew Wommack

13. "Until you recognize God as your source, nothing else the Bible says about finances is going to work. As long as you are holding onto your money with clenched fist and hoarding possessions, God's method of prosperity won't work in your life." ~ Andrew Wommack

14. "You are not under a curse if you don't tithe." ~ Andrew Wommack

15. "Money is like seed, and when you consume every dollar that comes your way, you aren't investing in your future." ~ Andrew Wommack

16. "Many people are afraid to loosen the death grip they have on their money because they think God will take it all away." ~ Andrew Wommack

17. "Everything we have has been given to us by God, and since we received it, there is no room for boasting that we earned it." ~ Andrew Wommack

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18. "In God's economy, you move closer toward your goals by giving than you do by clinging to everything you have." ~ Andrew Wommack

19.  "Planting seeds ensures a future crop, and tithing moves finances into your future - in addition to the eternal benefit." ~ Andrew Wommack

20. "We see everything we own as being the result of our own sweat and tears and as a because of that, we have a stingy, selfish attitude toward money." ~ Andrew Wommack

21. "The whole attitude  that God is going to punish you for not paying a tithe is completely unscriptural" ~ Andrew Wommack

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