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Motivational Videos: Unbroken

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Most folks don't know how fast they can swim, until there are sharks pursuing them. But the one who succeeds in life's great race is the one who wisely sets the pace. Their pace is not set as fear requires; their stroke is a result of their desire. As you're faced with the ocean of decision, are you guided by fear or vision? Have you set your goals? Are you trying to reach high marks? Or are you still waiting to see the sharks? Is it inspiration or desperation that you need to live your dreams? It's up to you! - Author Unknown  (Culled from Willie Jolley's book -A setback is a setup for a comeback)
Unbroken is a motivational video by Mateusz M. It includes awesome inspirational speeches by Steve Jobs, Les Brown and Eric Thomas. This video will no doubt, inspire you to take responsibility for your life. Through this video you would be motivated to take that tough step that you've always dreaded which is inevitable for attaining enviable heights in life.

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Personally, this is one of my preferred motivational videos. This video comes in handy anytime I'm feeling blue or afraid of what the outcome of my decisions concerning certain things might be.

I've been blessed not just by the inspirational speeches but also by the video clips. Now, it's your turn to be inspired too...

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