Upgrade your Life

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Upgrade your Life

Life is gradually passing by,and you
Have no man to blame for your destiny.
It is your responsibility to develop yourself.
No one can do this on your behalf;
It is a personal, and non-transferable responsibility!

We live in a very competitive age;
And change is inevitable
Knowledge doubles every 24 hours
Skills are what make the difference between
Excellence and mediocrity

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Formal education provides just basic information
It does not make for mastery
This is because as soon as we leave
The external discipline of school
Many of us leave our minds to go to sleep

Check how much you can earn with
The level of skills you have developed.
There is a connection between learning and earning
What you learn affects what you earn.
Upgrade your life if you want to earn more

No matter where you are right now
That is not your destination.
It is too early to sit down, thinking you have arrived
There is enough room at the top for everyone;
And to get to the top, upgrade your life.

Author: Chukwu Emmanuel

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