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10 Simple Healing Prayers With Biblical Quotes That really work miracles

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A lot of people today are looking for healing. Sickness, be it bodily, emotional or spiritual can be a burden on us. Jesus, prior to His death on the cross of Calvary, went around healing people from all kinds of disease – body, mind and soul. There was no sickness he couldn't heal.

Even today, His healing power is still effectual and fortunately for us, He gave us absolute permission to use it before He went to be with our heavenly Father. And God's uppermost desire is for us to be in sound health and enjoy prosperity of the soul.

You might have received a report from doctors that your disease is incurable... but I challenge you today to believe God's report over your doctors'. God has promised to heal you and He has sent forth His word to fulfill His promise.

However, to receive God's gift of healing - you must trust and believe in the power of His Word. If you are expecting a miracle today, through the healing prayer, here are 10 simple healing prayers with scriptural quotations that really work miracles.

Prayer #1: Father, I am healed of this sickness [mention the name of the sickness you're currently battling with] and I believe that my health is restored today.

Prayer #2: Heavenly father, today, I decree and declare that my health be restored and my (physical, emotional and spiritual) wounds be healed as promised in your word.

Prayer #3: Dear Father, in line with your word - I roll over these arthritis and diabetes [mention the sickness and disease] to You and I thank You for removing them today.

Prayer #4: In the name of Jesus, I obtain divine deliverance from every form of addiction to unhealthy lifestyle and habits[mention them]

Prayer #5: Dear Father, give me new ways of living and better strategies for staying healthy today and beyond.

Prayer #6: In the name of Jesus, anything or anyone assigned to undermine my health, I authoritatively command to be moved out of my sphere of influence.

Prayer #7: I release my name[mention your name] into the atmosphere and declare that no chronic disease is attached to me today and beyond.

Prayer #8: In Jesus name, I reinforce that I am set free from this recurrent sickness[name it]

Prayer #9: In the name of Jesus, I close the gates of death[I shall not die prematurely or untimely] and seal up the doors of affliction and infirmities today.

Prayer #10: Lord, strengthen the edge of protection around me. my family, my friends and colleagues so that diabolical cyclone diseases will not touch us today.

Now that you are healed, be careful with what you allow into your system.  Please use the comment box to tell us how God has healed you and also help us share this post with your friends and colleagues.

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