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12 Reasons Why You Need To Do Personal Brand Evaluation Consistently

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Brand is an important subject which creates positive image in the eyes of customers to make itself different from the competitors, hence, personal branding is non-negotiable.

According to Forbes, the term branding has long been relegated to companies, but today almost every individual has a personal brand. Not many of us have consciously cultivated these brands, but they exist nonetheless.

12 Reasons Why You Need To Do Personal Brand Evaluation Consistently

Here's a simple and standard definition of personal brand by marketers McNally and Speak - as seen in wikipedia: "Your brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you."

Regardless of age, position and qualification, we all need to understand the importance of branding. We are the CEO of a company called you Inc. and our personal brand will determine how far we can go career-wise. 

Whether you're self employed or an employee your name should represent a specific idea or concept. Think about it this way -- what comes to your mind when names like Brian TracyChimamanda Adiche, Donald Trump, Peter Drucker, Strive Masiyiwa... are mentioned? Whatever it is, that is their personal brand. So, what's your own personal brand?

Strong personal brands enhance people's general performance primarily through their influence on current and prospective customers and it's a significant driver of economic value. A successful personal brand has loyal customers, which ultimately reflects on sales and market value

There is now a widespread acceptance that personal brand play an important role in generating and sustaining an individual's financial performance. With high levels of competition and excess capacity in virtually every industry, strong personal brands help people differentiate themselves in the market and communicate why their products and services are uniquely able to satisfy customer needs.

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Evaluation is something most people intuitively do on a daily basis. It is easier to take the opinion that ‘seeing is believing’ when valuing something, but when it comes down to personal brand evaluation, it is what the physical eyes can’t see that is truly valuable.

Consistent personal brand evaluation is crucial for improving brand trust and brand loyalty. The benefits of improved brand loyalty might come from retaining existing customers as well as attracting new ones. These benefits would in turn result in increased sales and profitability for the person.

#1 Effective personal brand evaluation help shape customers’ perceptions and, therefore, purchase behaviour, making products and services less substitutable, allowing the person to enjoy higher returns.

#2 Personal brand evaluation aids us in making viable decisions and formulation of policies for human capacity development.

#3 Personal brand evaluation makes financial investment and customer satisfaction measurement quite easier.

#4 Personal brand evaluation process gives a long-term focus that helps people with planning and budgeting decisions.  

#5 Personal brand evaluation provides a common means for choosing alternatives and setting priorities in business.

#6 Personal brand evaluation shows an emotional and physiological relationship a person has with customers.

#7 Personal brand evaluation helps people to measure and track their value relative to competitors and the category average.

#8 Personal brand evaluation can lead to identifying weaknesses and strengths; ways of restructuring personal strategies and plans implementation efficiency through after-before evaluations.

#9 Personal brand evaluation aids financial planning and decision making. Stakeholders and financial partners perceive personal brand value as a reference when establishing the extent to which they are willing to take risks and finance any given project or business.

#10 Personal brand evaluation gives a good edge in increasingly competitive markets.

#11 Personal brand evaluation is a necessary factor for improving customer satisfaction. Apart from improving customer, it also results in higher profit gain.

#12  Personal brand evaluation can exert important effects on personal accomplishments. 

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Thursday, 8 December 2016


Ultimate Ways To Turn Off Nervousness Naturally

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Ultimate Ways To Turn Off Nervousness Naturally

Being Nervous Is Not A Permanent Stance 

Being nervous arouses in situations in which it is not supposed to happen. It is how our body responses to certain threats naturally. Our brain doesn’t know that nervousness mostly disturbs us at a certain point in different situations. As an example, we don’t want to fail our public performances because of being nervous. We will try to explain some simple ways to deal with it below.

1. Turn off the mess

Our head blows with ideas and negative affirmations about what we can’t do. We also tend to focus on unnecessary things like a razor burn which can even increase our nervousness; literally, everything can get it worse. Replace the mess of negative thoughts with some positive statements of your confidence and capability of doing something. Let your brain relief and open up more space for important thoughts.

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2. Practice

It is easier to rehearse beforehand or to visualize the situation in what you are going to participate in order to prepare yourself for some obvious occasions. Visualize yourself in a positive condition as like you can handle everything that is your responsibility. Don’t plan strictly. You should just imagine yourself doing well and prepare for possible situations.

3. Don’t judge yourself

You should always accept your current skill level and knowledge in a particular situation. Never overthink your capability of doing something because judging yourself will lead to numerous mistakes. Face your strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t take this points as strict rules and take it easy. Never to overthink means always to succeed.

Written By: Jessica Carter

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