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Why The Law Of Abundance May Not Work For Some People

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Why The Law Of Abundance May Not Work For Some People

There is more than enough in the universe. There is no real shortage of anything good in this world. There is abundance of goodness, blessings, love, energy, money and other beautiful things of life.

Although, The Law of Abundance always come to mind when financial success is mentioned but it does not only apply to money accumulation. Abundance also apply to other non-material gains like success in health, relationship, business, spiritual, mental…

The Law of Abundance is a secret weapon for material gains, wealth accumulation, sound health, fame, prosperity and breakthrough of all kinds. Abundance and prosperity, just like the sun, is the birthright of every human, whether good or bad.

But why isn’t everyone sharing from the overflowing goodness in the universe? Read on. Not only will this post answer this question, you will learn some valuable things that will help you enjoy the generosity of the universe to the fullest.
“Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level.”-- Eileen Caddy 
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There are many reasons why some people don't benefit from the abundance and overflowing perfection that surrounds them... Though some of these reasons are connected to the chaos and disorders in life but quite a number of them are our own making.

So, here are three key reasons I feel we should consider that might prevent the Law of Abundance from working for us:
  • The first reason why the Law of Abundance may not work for some people is - their predominant thoughts are not in harmony with the laws that govern this world. As a rule, the universe delivers to us anything that is in harmony with the thought we remit; we get overflowing or scarcity, depending on the kind of frequency we remit.
  • The next reason is that, most people don't understand how The Law of Abundance works. I guess the simplicity of this law has  made it to be less effectual for a lot of people. The Law simply states that there's abundance everywhere and to partake from it, one must first See it. You get what you see. If you see lack, you get scarcity. And if you see plenty, you get abundance.
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  • And finally, people unconsciously don't allow the flow of succession. Success flows towards us when we truly desire it. Blessings of any kind always respond to strong desire. It's not enough to want more, plenty can only flow towards you and become your reality when you really desire it.
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