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Top 10 Ways To Manage Body Odour

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Top 10 Ways To Manage Body Odor

“If a smell is unpleasant, then the source is unpleasant too, period.”

People are usually not free around a person who has body odour. Personally, I feel uncomfortable around people with stale smell.

In most cases, people’s perception of you revolves around two things- the way you dress and the way you smell.

What Is Body Odour? 

Body odour can simply be defined as an offensive or unpleasant smell given off by our body. It is caused by both internal and external factors.

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What Are The Causes Of Body Odour? 

• Sweat mixed with bacteria produces stale smells (sweat itself is odourless; bacteria breaks down sweat into fatty acids which produce the unpleasant odour).

• Side effect of hormonal changes (like menstruation) produces offensive smell.

• Some drugs increase sweat which when mixed with bacteria cause body odour.

• Genetics is undoubtedly one of the causes of body odour; people from different location have unique smells.

Random List Of How To Manage Body Odour 

1. Take you bath with a good antibacterial soap (personally, I prefer Dettol soap) at least twice daily, preferably in the morning and at night before going to bed.

2. Wash your mouth and brush your teeth extravagantly every day with good tooth paste (I use Closeup tooth paste)

3. Shave every hidden part of your body (your armpits, private parts or genitals) with hair frequently (once or twice a week is good)

4. Use tongue scrapper whenever you’re washing your mouth.

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5. Use deodorant and antiperspirant daily after bathing; personally, I use Nivea roll on, it really works well and smells nice.

6. Don’t wear any shirt which has come into contact with a sweaty area more than once; wash it thoroughly before putting it on for your next outing.

7. Wash your underwear and bra once it has come into contact with a sweaty area before wearing it for your next outing.

8. Use a mouth mint after taking any food or drink with unpleasant smell (stuffs like coffee, garlic, beans, etc.)

9. Make sure you wash your socks thoroughly once worn because it has come into contact with a sweaty area.

10. If you sweat excessively and deodorant and antiperspirant don’t work for you, I suggest you visit a physician.

Since we interact with people every day, smelling nice ought to be non-negotiable. Smelling nice is inevitable in any civilized setting. If you want people to be free and comfortable around you, you have to be committed to smelling nice.

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