Friday, 21 October 2016

Sproutby Is Now A Self-Improvement Blog!

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Hi Sproutby Readers!

I’m reaching out to announce to you that Sproutby is now a self-improvement blog where we share inspiring quotes, tips, books and other resources that would help our readers to live a more prosperous and fulfilling lives.

Sproutby started out as a healthcare niche blog where information on HMOs and other healthcare tips were shared.

Why the Change in Focus?

At the very beginning, I picked the name Sproutby because the blog was supposed to be a platform where high quality content that people can use to grow in different areas of their lives would be shared but when I shared my idea with a friend, he advised that I pick a niche that has to do with my area of expertise (work related) and as at that time I was in the healthcare industry. It was based on his advice and other people’s nods that I dived into healthcare blogging…

After posting a handful of healthcare related posts, I noticed that my passion for blogging started dropping and I was constantly experiencing writers block.

What Should I Do?

Should I quit blogging or change my niche?
I’ve been thinking about what to do for several days until recently when I heard my inner voice say to me: change your niche, focus on what you are passionate about because that’s the only way you can be fulfilled.

Why I Picked Self-Improvement Niche

1.     I’m a strong believer of the ideology that the best way to master a course is to teach it. Blogging about self-improvement would help me spot my imperfections easily, learn how to change certain areas of my life and grow faster than I would if I settled for another niche.
2.     I’m always attracted to personal development resources like books, audios, videos and seminars. I’m a voracious reader of anything self-improvement related. Trust me, I’d flow well in this niche than I could in any other niche…

Apologies To All Sproutby Readers

I know I should have asked for your opinion rather than struggle with my worries for too long. Please, pardon me and be rest assured that going forward I would always seek for your opinion anytime I’m stuck. And also know that you are very valuable to me…

An Unusual Request!

Please, let’s assume we are all starting afresh! I want to request for your contribution; how do you think we can make Sproutby an interactive blog?
I want Sproutby to be absolutely readers focused, so I would really appreciate your opinion.

What Would Happen To My Older (Healthcare) Posts?

I want to share them as guest post articles to other blogs or what do you think? If you want me to send any of my healthcare post to you, let me know.

Thanks for being an important member of my inner circle.

Chukwu E. D.

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