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Faith A. Oyedepo's 23 Amazing Quotes For Enhancing Your Worth

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Pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo is the wife of Dr. David Oyedepo, the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide a.k.a. Winners’ Chapel, and Senior Pastor of Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, Ota, Nigeria. She has brought hope, joy, peace and life into many families and homes for many years through several channels. 

The following quotes were culled from two of mama's books - "Make Your Life Count!" and "Building a Successful Family." These quotes are meant to encourage and provoke you to be the very best you were created to be. They are life filled and heaven backed... I strongly recommend that you get these books for in-depth wisdom on what to do to enhance your worth, how to make your life count and what the vital ingredients for living a life of impact are. You can purchase any of her books here.

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1. "Your today is a divine gift which you can use as a key to unlock your colourful tomorrow..."

2.  "Every Life of impact you see, was made possible by someone taking responsibility to be a positive contributor."

3. "If your life must count, you must take responsibility in making it so!"

4. "... it's never too late to start the journey of impact. You can begin where you are right now, and still make your life count positively in your generation."

5. "When God decided to make man in His own image, He was not just trying to fill the remaining space in the Garden of Eden; He had a reason and a plan!"

6. "Holding on to the negative past is a primary cause of defeat in life."

7. "When you refuse to generate positive impact, you will negatively affect the destinies of those tied to yours."

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8. "Look at the moon, the sun, and the earth. They all work in harmony. The moon, for instance, does not have any light of itself; it simply positions itself appropriately at an angle to reflect the light of the sun. As a result, the moonlight remains attractive any day, all over the world!"

9. "God did not create you a dummy! He put inside you a sound mind, along with His creative abilities. All you have to do is to turn loose that investment."

10. "No one created by God is made empty. Everyone is given potentials diverse abilities to make it possible to contribute to the advancement of mankind. But these divine abilities will remain dormant in you, except you know what they are, know that they are there and you explore them."

11. "Life is a goldmine which has to be explored for maximum benefit."

12. "Every successful person in life discovered and traded with their God-given abilities. Your depth of self-discovery will determine the magnitude of success you record, and how well your life will count."

13. "Before anything meaningful can come out of your life, you must not see yourself in the mirror of others. This is because their opinion about you might be contrary to God's."

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14. "Your life can never make impact, until you go on a self-discovery adventure. You are on earth for a particular assignment; it is crucial that you know why you are here."

15. "Nothing successful is an accident."

16. "What you don't pursue, you never possess."

17. "You can never be distinguished or stand out in life without determination."

18. "When life is void of vision, it leads to frustration."

19. "Vision is what makes a man or woman relevant to his or her world."

20. "When you locate vision and pursue it, you will be sought after."

21. "It is vision for motion; no vision, no motion."

22. "... the most basic need of all humans is to have a sense of personal worth."

23. "... for your life to be meaningful to others, you must understand that self-love is what will motivate you to love others."

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