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9 Indispensable Habits Every Young Person Should Develop Before Thirty

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I once wrote on my diary couple of habits I have to develop before I clock thirty .
Have I developed them yet?
Well, I've mastered few and I'm hoping to develop the rest before I hit thirty. So help me God.

Not only are these habits key for living a better life, they are also critical for excelling in all walks of life.
Here are the 9 habits young folks should have before hitting thirty:

1. Savings 

The habit of setting aside a portion of ones income is a prerequisite for being independent both financially and emotionally. Savings is the lifeblood of any person with a single source of income...

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2. Setting Goals 

Every successful person is obsessed with Goals Setting. Goals are like Map... Only an insane person embarks on a journey without first Knowing his destination.

3. Giving 

In giving shall you receive... Giving is a critical habit every young person should have early enough. This habit will open great doors that other habits put together might not be able to.
Give to God, your parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, colleagues, strangers, community... Giving should not be limited to material things, you can give time, shoulders, listening ears, ideas, advice,...

4. Finishing What You Start 

The importance of this habit cannot be overemphasized. Too many young folks are trapped in the bad habit of quitting projects halfway. I was guilty of this bad habit too... You can try documenting everything you finish and reward yourself each time you complete any project no matter how small or trivia it is, this is how I managed to get rid of the aforementioned bad habit.

5. Reading 

"Readers are leaders"
To advance in any field, you need to be studious... Except you want to keep being a follower and a mediocre, if not reading is inevitable.

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6. Grooming Well 

The habit of paying good attention to your personal grooming should not be substituted for anything in the world. The best time to master this habit is before you are thirty. This habit will affect your life positively sooner or later.

7. Sacrificing 

This habit is crucial for building a successful relationship. In the absence of this habit, no man can be in a genuine relationship. It's quite important to develop this habit now that you are young except you want to learn from hindsight.

8. Forgiving 

This habit is the most difficult to master in my own opinion... Please don't screw yourself even if you've tried so many times but to no avail. This habit will guarantee your advancement in life.

9. Investing 

The essence of savings is to invest. The best time to learn and master the art of investing is now that you are young. It's smart to start long term investment on or before thirty.

Did I miss anything?
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