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30 Powerful Affirmations That You Will Ever Need

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According to wikipedia, an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to one's self and written down frequently. For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and specific.

It is a self-empowering tool that successful people use to exercise their creative power. Your subconscious mind produces only what you demand, be it positive or negative.

Affirmation works effectively when you continuously repeat whatever you want to your subconscious mind until it becomes constrained to deliver that which you desire... When you keep repeating positive statements to yourself daily, your subconscious mind will automatically repel negative things from your life and produce only the good things your asked for.

"Your words and thoughts program the mind in the same way that commands and scripts program computer." - Remez Sasson , founder of success consciousness.

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Instead of starting your day off with the usual negative thoughts, use the following positive affirmations to re-program your thinking pattern, emit positive frequency all through the day, and your subconscious mind would produce terrific things.

1. I have power to gain wealth 

2. I do not procrastinate. I act now without hesitation. 

3. I excel in all things, at all times, with all people, under every circumstance. 

4. My relationships are fruitful and mutually beneficial 

5. I am celebrated and loved by all who come in contact with me today.

6. I am purpose driven, principled, success-oriented person, and I refuse to be distracted by insignificant things and people. 

7. Let favour, well wishes, ambassadorial courtesies, kindness, and support be extended to me by all who are assigned to me, meet me and interact with me today. 

8. Wherever I go, systems, institutions, cultures, environments, legislation, codes, ordinances, regulations and policies adjust to accommodate my divine purpose. 

9. I am in the perfect place for God to bless me. 

10. I am adaptable and flexible and make needed adjustments. 

11. I am healthy and physically fit

12. My mind is fortified and resolute. 

13. Sickness and diseases are far from me today. 

14. Everything about me is changing for the best 

15. My emotions are sound and stable. 

16. My faith is steadfast and unfaltering. 

17. I am gaining new territories: new emotional territory, new intellectual territory, new business territory, new spiritual territory, new ministerial territory, and new financial territory. 

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18. I do my work with diligence and in the spirit of excellence 

19. I am living my most blessed and best days now. 

20. The lord gives me the right people to work with and for me today. 

21. God is teaching me how to improve my productivity- to work smarter and more efficiently. 

22. I always function with an outstanding attitude and produce superior work 

23. I've been empowered to make positive and significant deposits in other people's lives. 

24. I have an invaluable treasure on the inside. 

25. I have everything I need to fulfill my God-given destiny. 

26. I have something to offer that nobody else has. 

27. Somebody needs my touch. Somebody needs what I have. 

28. I am the master of my thoughts. 

29. I am an individual of prompt and determined decision. 

30. I am bold, brave, self-confident and I believe in myself.

Some of the affirmations above were culled from two wonderful books and I'm recommending that you get them (Cindy Trim's "Commanding Your Morning" and Joel Osteen's "Becoming a Better You.")

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