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Sunday Adelaja's Top 35 Quotes On Achieving Financial Success

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The quotes below will force you to think in a different way, take action and then become free from poverty and the slavery of money. Please, help encourage and inspire others today by sharing this post with them. Have a lovely day!

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1. "Knowledge is the key word when it comes to finances, because money comes to those who have the knowledge of what to do with it." 

2. "In our modern society, people are of the opinion that fulfillment and success mean owning things, such as your own home and car. It is not wrong to own these things, but only after you have multiplied seed or capital." 

3. "Realization of personal worth is a step to prosperity." 

4. "The 5 percent who own 95 percent of the money in the world hold the keys to prosperity- but they hold them in secret. These people only very reluctantly divulge wealth-creation information, and they are often the ones who create the financial system for the rest of the 95 percent of people on earth." 

5. "The truth is that most wealthy people are not interested in giving away their secrets on wealth creation to others." 

6. "... the person who knows how will always control those who only know what." 

7. "People with money control and determine how much we earn, and as long as we work for a salary, we depend on money." 

8. "The person who only knows what to do with money is at the mercy of those who know how to make and how to manage it." 

9. " Knowledge is a great source of power. Whoever increases knowledge also increases power." 

10. "This world has a lot of money, much more than all of humanity needs." 

11. "No one will teach you in a university where the money is or how it functions, because professors are also clerks, just as their students will be when they graduate. They do not know how to create wealth." 

12. "The science of money creation has developed over centuries, and we can possess all that knowledge just by learning." 

13. "In any event, our missteps and failures are temporary, because life does not stand still." 

14. "An unfavorable situation today can turn into an advantageous situation tomorrow." 

15. "Things seeming awful today can make us laugh tomorrow." 

16. "Many people fail due to lack of preparation." 

17. "The more important time we spend in preparing ourselves for a particular task, the more success we will experience at it." 

18. "The creator puts seeds of greatness in all of us to produce fruit. We should not blame God if things do not go as smoothly as we would like." 

19. "Do not focus on your weaknesses and failures. If you have failed at something, keep trying it repeatedly until you see success." 

20. "Most people in the world do not know anything about money except that they want it and need it." 

21. "Some people cannot excel in life because they try to please everyone." 

22. "You may fail and fall at times, but you do not have to remain down. Stand up, continue the fight, and win the crown of success at last." 

23. "... if we added up the hours we spend in idleness, the hours would be equal to as much as ten years of our lives. Learn to treasure every moment. Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today." 

24. "Time is more than just money. It is life." 

25. " By remaining idle we consciously rob ourselves of God's blessings." 

26. " No matter how hard we try, good intentions cannot change those who despise wisdom and instruction. This is a spiritual law." 

27. "Never be satisfied with your current state. Admit you have not achieved perfection and that you are still not the person you want - and need - to be." 

28. "God uses your compassion, talents, and discontentment to help you release hidden abilities and accomplish your calling and purpose in life." 

29. "... today's success will become tomorrow's impediment if you stop striving for more achievement." 

30. "Sometimes problems crop up to serve certain purposes." 

31. "Success without faith is usually short lived, like a bubble bursting the instant it is touched." 

32. "Each person has a divine seed inside that can make him or her great." 

33. "The surest way to become great is to serve other people." 

34. "A person who is never content or happy is poor, even if that person has millions of dollars." 

35. "The reason some are rich while others are poor has to do with hard work and right choice."

These quotes were culled from Sunday Adelaja's book - Money Won't Make You Rich.

Sunday Adelaja is founder and senior pastor of Embassy of God church in Kyiv, Ukraine. He has inspired and helped many people to rise from abject poverty to being financially free through is teachings and mentoring programmes.

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