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5 Bad Habits Parents Unconsciously Teach Their Kids

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"Human beings are greatly influenced by suggestive elements in their environments, especially the human elements..." -- Brian Tracy

It's a known fact that bad habits are quite easier to learn than good ones. 

Human being is wired to consciously or unconsciously pickup habits he observes consistently, whether good or bad.

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Since a significant number of children's learning years are spent with parents, two-third of the habits they exhibit were picked from their homes.

Here are the 5 habits your kids are likely to learn from you:

1. Playing the victim

Most parents play the victim to manipulate their kids, to gain pity or sympathy, to seek attention, to justify abuse and for some other reasons.

2. Worrying too much about what people think

Most people are badly buried in the habit of worrying too much about other people's opinion. They are fond of faking it... They're so much concerned about other people's thoughts and judgement. By reason of this habit, they self-sabotage and allow other people define their lives for them.

3. Holding Grudges

Holding grudges is becoming a common habit in most homes... Funny enough, some parents can hold grudges against neighbors, church members, family members and friends for some trivia reasons.

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4. Complaining too much

One of the bad habits children pick easily from parents is - complaining too much. Most parents complain about almost everything and hardly give thanks for the blessings of each day. Children are quick learners and their subconscious mind magnet the predominant habits in the house.

5. Impulsive spending

Impulsive spending is no doubt a norm in most families. Most children grow up with little control over their spending without knowing that this habit was subconsciously picked up from their parents.

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